The Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) is part of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Group (SOG). Investigators are full time, seasoned law enforcement officers with 80 years of combined law enforcement experience with the shared passion to protect the citizens of Adams County.

The Investigation Division investigates all felony crimes, serious misdemeanor crimes, and fatalities in Adams County.

Investigators learn to adapt to new age crime by utilizing modern investigative techniques. Forensics techniques such as DNA, fingerprints and digital evidence collection are some techniques investigators used to solve crimes. C.I.D is eager to continue working to improve its capabilities in solving modern age crimes.

The investigative process begins with a report taken by Patrol Deputies. Investigators begin a follow-up investigation. C.I.D. is responsible for processing, collecting, cataloging evidence from crime scenes. They also prepare affidavits for arrest, search warrants, subpoenas and conduct interviews with victims, witnesses and suspects. Investigators present cases in Justice Court, Grand Jury and Circuit Court and perform many other related duties.

Investigators are not only seen on the crime scene and in the county’s courts each member of the C.I.D. plays a vital part in the success of other branches of law enforcement.

Investigators work alongside other members of the Special Operations Group including NARC/HEAT. This collaborative effort has helped to solve many burglary cases, and sometimes larger, drug-related cases and homicides.

Through the Adams County’s Neighborhood Watch Program Investigators work with the public to prevent and solve crimes in the community. Investigators take these opportunities to make citizens aware of criminal activities in their area and to advise on crime prevention.

C.I.D. works with many state and federal agencies to include Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, Mississippi Attorney General’s Office, A.T.F., U.S. Marshalls, U.S. Secret Service and the F.B.I.

C.I.D. works closely with the Natchez Police Department and Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office and other surrounding counties to solve crimes in our communities. You may contact members of Adams County’s C.I.D. by using the contact information listed below.