Press Release on the AT&T Wire Theft!!!

On the morning of September 26, 2023 approximately 1:10am Deputies received information from AT&T the phone lines near Powlett Rd. were down. Information received indicated the stolen property was located near 505 North Palestine Rd.

Investigators determined nearly 400 ft. of 600 strand AT&T copper wire was cut down near Powlett Rd and Hwy 61 N. This has been and ongoing problem over the past several months causing over $42,000 in damage since January 2023 to the phone lines and interruption of service to residents and the airport.

Both subjects were arrested and charged with grand larceny, during their arraignment at Adams County Justice Court bond was set at $5,000. Additional charges are pending.

Upon arrival deputies made contact with William Cade Farmer 505 N. Palestine Rd and Rickey A. Nelson 404 Morgantown Rd. Both of the subjects were in possession of a large amount of 600 strand AT&T phone wire. Rickey and William were in the process of stripping the wire and preparing it to be scrapped.

William Cade Farmer
Rickey A. Nelson