Active Shooting Training at Cathedral School

Major Frank Smith of Adams County Sheriff’s Office led a training on active school shootings at Cathedral School on March 2, 2022. The training is designed to increase stress levels to train teachers to be able to act defensively in real life situations.

Major Smith improvised multiple real-life scenarios with the teachers. After each scenario was completed, he complimented the teachers on the thing that they did right, and also suggested refined actions to enhance safety.

Major Smith relayed safety plans and directions to take in case of an active shooting. Some of the tips included how to quickly contact authorities, specific information to give on a 911 call, and how to evaluate the classrooms and determine the safest place to take shelter in the case of an active school shooting.

The Cathedral School teachers were placed under such realistic pressure that they also realized that is it necessary to develop a plan of action for unique cases such as students and teachers that suffer with claustrophobia and physical disabilities. Cathedral School teachers felt more equip to develop a plan of action after being placed in the scenarios.

To conclude the training, Major Smith reiterated the importance of giving clear verbal commands. He encouraged everyone to be committed to defending the school against active shooters. Major Smith told teachers, “You got to do something. Just try to make your best call. Just don’t invent the plan once it actually happens. You need to have thought about a plan.”

After the training ended, teachers were excited to implement their plans of action in the case of an active shooting. They were also able to communication additional suggestions to school administrators after participating in the training.