Public Service Alert!!

The Adams County Sheriffs Office Criminal Investigations Division is releasing an alert to citizens of Adams County and our region of a scam.

The callers are usually located in California, and both a male and female are on the line.  The female on the line begins by advising the victim that they represent the Federal Government and she is calling in reference to the victim embezzling money from the government (I.R.S.).  She advises the person that the government is suing them and that they have committed a serious crime.  She then turns the line over to the male, who acts as a senior investigator who is working the case.  He then asks the victim, “What are you doing embezzling money from the government?” and begins a line of pressure and threats wherein he tells the victim that they are going to take the victim to court and that they need to pay the amount owed “or else.” He then offers the victim to “settle out of court” by paying right then on the phone by using a credit card.  The amount to settle is often in the thousands of dollars.

If anyone phones you or contacts you by any means, note the phone number they are calling from and hang up.  Then, call the Adams County Sheriff’s Office at 601-442-2752 and ask to file a report on a scam.  A patrol deputy will be assigned to take the report.

*Always be alert and suspicious of anyone asking you for or demanding money or payment, especially by phone.